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It is raining.

Hallelujia. It was becoming the Sahara-on-Esk around here.


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…is proudly fuelled by local pies.

Steak and gravy pie, Lyth's butchers, High Street Hinderwell. By such great stuff is No. 16 dug.

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‘Triceratops poo’. So far we have used horse and organic cow manure but of anyone has a pile of Triceratops horridus manure, we’d be happy to give it a go on No. 16/

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planted 12 sweetcorn seeds (it went dark, and planting sweetcorn in the dark probably violates several health and safety directives). More will be dibbed in tomorrow.

Last year’s sweetcorn efforts looked like I had ‘tended’ them by hitting them with a spade twice daily and three times on Sundays. Turns out that sweetcorn are delicate things and must be handled with care – these ones have been started in fibre pots which will be planted directly into the soil when the seedlings are established and hardened – the pots will rot away allowing the roots into the soil without my paws mangling them. My next allotment neighbours also say that sweetcorn like partial shelter so the sweetcorn patch will be close to the hawthorn hedge and neighbours’ Taj Mahal sized polytunnel.

OK. Let’s hope for better sweetcorn results this year.

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And we have polytunnel envy.

I want one.

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Go read…

The tragic demise of an organic allotment over at Scattered Gardener.

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Aldi seeds…

I did an experiment with some very cheap Gardenline seeds from Aldi more from curiosity than anything else.  Both the Boltardy Beetroot and Spinach Beet did very well, although why you would eat Spinach Beet this side of starvation escapes me.  Cattle food.

The Gardenline tomato seeds did terribly, but maybe that is because I forgot to plant them.

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