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Today's 9 (ish) yards of weeded and edged bed.

Yards of couch grass roots hoiked out and gleefully burned on the bonfire in the background. Seed rows watered and neigbours’ chickens looked at with envy. Except the one which has escaped and had clearly been pecking around my cultivated beds, wreaking the havoc. Most of the allotments are back to full life, with the owners determined to catch up from the ravages of a long winter. The more lackadasical ones neglecting their plots as fervently as ever.

We have sadly neglected plots on either side of No 16: the one in the background of the pi above has lain abandoned for the three years we’ve had No 16 and the one behind where I stood to take the pic has sprouted an illegal chicken city and a splendid crop of assorted weeds. Both cheerfully supply windblown weed seeds and couch grass roots to my plot and I am getting somewhat pigged off with both the eyesore and source of weeds. T’committee (a bloke called Dave, a benign dictator of the finest sort: he has a dicky hip) should intervene.


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OK, the United Nations might not approve of child labour but when your five year old nephew announces that he wants to come and help on the allotment and that he has his own small spade, what can you do but accept and offer him his own piece of land to play with?  I have one last piece of no 16 to scut and turn over, so I will open it up into a series of boy-sized square beds and declare it his.

His Papa has come back from Belgium clutching packets of heritage seeds which give odd-shaped fruit and mad looking knobbly veg, and we are having a tell over them next week to see what to plant.  I am not sure what Reg will make of this continental imports.  He gave me a very dusty look when I said I wouldn’t be planting sprouts on no. 16.

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Patrick at

Bifurcated Carrots (to whom I owe an apology for comfoozling him with Real Seeds) will be relieved to know that he, or the produce after which he named his blog, will no longer be illegal.

Of course we show our bottoms to such nonsense and we will be deliberately growing as many heritage varieties as possible on No 16.  I am delighted to say that a Belgian, from the very home of European Commission and its strange rules about vegetable shape, will be helping us. He has amassed a huge assortment of Belgian and German heritage seeds to try out in God’s Own County. The results will be documented and seeds saved.

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