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And we have polytunnel envy.

I want one.


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There hasn’t been much point in posting because the past five months hereabouts have been snow, snow, snow, hard frost and rain respectively. We did venture up to the allotment a couple of times, but there was damn all even the most determined gardener could do. When No. 16 emerged from winter it was a depressing weedy sight but three days of manic digging and two burst blisters¬† later something resembling usable beds emerged…

No 16 after a few days of graft.

In the foreground early new potatoes and red onions, the bed behind has two more rows of spuds (maincrop Maris piper) then a row of rocket, lollo rosso, purple sprouting broccoli and fruit canes. The long row to the right has had vast amounts of compost and manure dug in over the past two year, so is ripe for pea and bean planting – experimental borlotti beans went in last night, peas will follow and French beans are being sprouted. After two stuttering years when No 16 showed only a fraction of its potential we are on track for bringing all the opened beds into production for 2010.

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